Monday, September 26

Podcasts For The Beauty Obsessed

Commuting in and out of London every day means I dedicate around 2 hours to listening to podcasts. It's the only thing that keeps me sane whilst coming to terms with the fact I have been standing up for the past hour within a few feet of someone who thinks that clipping their nails is acceptable on public transport - and there's nothing like hearing a fellow beauty junkie chat about one of your biggest passions as a distraction from aforementioned flying clippings. So here's one for every day of the working week...

Tuesday, August 2

The Air Hostesses Guide to In-Flight Beauty

As much as I love heading somewhere exotic, the long haul flight takes it's toll on your skin. Low humidity and recycled air sets you up for a lack-lustre, dry complexion that can end up overcompensating with oil, leaving breakouts in its wake - just what you need when you're about to spend the next fortnight taking selfies on the beach. But spending 30-40 hours a week in mid-air, if there there is anyone who knows how to survive the skin ravaging conditions of the cabin, it's going to be an air hostess, right?

Flight attendants by day, beauty junkies by night, Mimi and Anoushka have been air hostesses for almost 20 years between them, sharing their high-fly lifestyles, travel tips and tried & tested in-flight beauty and skin care essentials over on their blogs Mimi Flys & Anoushka Loves; so ahead of my 14 hour flight to Thailand later this summer, I caught up with the girls to find out how I should be prepping, protecting and repairing my skin to survive the moisture hoover that is the cabin.

Tuesday, July 12

The Beach Bag

Aside from a good book, sunnies and the obligatory LBB (little black bikini), my beach bag is always packed with an operation of beach beauty essentials to ensure a  fortnight in the sun doesn't compromise my skin. You know the saying - fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Sunday, July 10

Oils I Love

I love oils. I love oils in a slather-them-on-my-face-every-night-all-night kinda way. Since trying my first (Clarins Lotus Oil for Oily/Combination Skin) I've realised that they aren't the enemy my combo skin and I once thought they were and I've now grown a collection of trusty glass bottles to address my biggest skin care concerns - even acne (yes, an oil that's better than any topical acne treatment I've tried). So without further a due, welcome to my apothecary...

Tuesday, June 28

Mattifying Must-Haves

As much as I love a glowy base, your skin never looks as flawless as it does when you use a blemish-blurring, mattifying, pore-minimising primer. Whether your a primer-pro, just looking for something to tackle your t-zone or a base beginner, I think there's one for everyone in my collation of mattifying must-haves.